Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome to Carolina Chickadee Crafts

Carolina Chickadee Crafts will be a place for me to share my adventures in everything crafty. I welcome comments but please be kind. I am far from being a "professional" crafter. I just make what I like and think is fun. I dabble in a multitude of crafts probably because I get bored quickly. I usually have several projects going at the same time. I love to try new crafts. I have more craft supplies than an army of crafters could possibly use in a lifetime, but  can't stop buying fun crafting toys and supplies. I have been creating things for as long as I can remember. My cousin, Judy taught me to sew when I was a teenager. That led to three years of Home Ec., a love of sewing and collecting fabric. My parents let me "redo" my room when I was 16. I painted the walls and made curtains. I turned my bed into a daybed and made slipcovers. I have no idea what made me think I could except my parents confidence in my skills and encouragement. I used no pattern and it turned out great. I made most of my clothes in high school and even some of my Mom's. When I got married, I even made my wedding dress. Yeah, crazy I know. When my kids were little I liked to make clothes and things for them and now I love making clothes for my grand daughter and other things for my grandsons.
I sew, crochet, cross stitch, make cards, scrapbook, take tons of pictures, make jewelry, make home made soap etc.
Like I said, I will try almost any craft.

I entered my first craft show last last month and tomorrow will be my second show.
Selling my crafts makes me VERY nervous. If you see anything you are interested in buying, just leave me a message with a way to contact you or send an email to

Happy Crafting,